October Update

Welcome to the October update!

Its very exciting to see that we have almost all the speaker slots full (1 left) and the papers we have received have been a very high standard, so its been a difficult choice but we think we have a great selection.

The call for posters has gone out and you have until November 20th to submit a proposal the successful  posters will be announced on January 20th 2016. Good Luck !

Here are the details again for those who missed the 1st call.

Poster submissions are invited which fall within the themes of the conference, a single page description should be submitted by 20th November 2015.While anyone can submit a proposal, preference will be given to posters where the primary contribution is from one or more students.

Material should be (visually appealing and succinct) and effectively communicates your research problem, techniques, results, and what is novel and important about your work. Your abstract should describe what the poster would present and an optional poster sketch. The abstract should clearly state: (a) the problem being addressed, (b) what makes this problem interesting, important, and difficult, (c) your approach to the problem, and (d) the key contribution. In the final version of the abstract, we encourage (not require) you to include a URL providing additional information about your work to the attendees.

What is hidden Heritage?

What are the benefits of studying Heritage?

How do we engage the general public? 

To submit a poster

please send a PDF of the poster tohiddenheritageconference@gmail.com by 20 November 2015. If selected a copy of the poster, no larger than A1 (841 x594mm), should be delivered to the conference office by 10.30am on the 8th April 2016


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